Player Profile: Richard Alvarez


Name: Richard Alvarez

Grade: 10

Sport: Soccer

What have you been doing to be successful on the soccer field?
I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job of commanding the field and just trying to run things and get things going smoother. I just try to be a leader for all the guys on the team so that we can play well and hopefully play well as the season goes on.
What is your reasoning behind playing soccer?
I play soccer because it’s something I grew up with and it is a very good stress reliever. I also just enjoy being out there on the field with the ball at my feet there’s something about that that makes me feel ten times better about whatever is bothering me.
Who or what has been your biggest inspiration throughout your athletic career?
My biggest inspiration is probably my dad, he’s just always been there. Most of the time he tells me what I need to improve on and things I need to practice so he’s almost like a coach wether it be in the sport or in life.
Do you play on a travel team throughout the year if so what travel team is it, and is the style of play any different than high school ball?
This past year I played for Pass FC, however moving forward I would like to go play for Midwest United. High school is kind of the same as club with slight differences in the types of drills we do but for the most part it’s pretty similar.
How have you liked not only playing soccer here at FHC but being a student here as well?

Yes, I have really been enjoying meeting new people and the atmosphere around the school. I think having a good positive attitude outside of the pitch is important so that you go into every game feeling good. As a new student here at FHC, I feel welcomed and I enjoy how friendly the student body is. I look foreword to my next three years here.