Player Profile: Jaden Talley

Name: Jaden Talley

Grade: 10

Sport: Soccer

What have you been doing to be successful on the soccer field?

“By playing physical each day I go out there playing my best every opportunity I get and that’s why I think I have been successful playing soccer for the school”.

What is your reasoning behind playing soccer?

“It’s fun to play I enjoy stepping out on the field every chance I get and giving it my all, my family likes soccer a lot it is something we all can relate to. I also think it is a great way to keep in shape”.

Who or what has been your biggest inspiration throughout your athletic career?

“My mom because she played ball her whole life and played for the Texas a&m. She has played at a high level and I know I can always look up to her”.

Do you play on a travel team throughout the year if so what travel team is it, and is the style of play any different than high school ball?

“I actually don’t play on a travel team right now but I have played it before and it’s a lot different than high school ball because you travel to various places around the Midwest and it is more physically demanding”.

How have you liked not only playing soccer here at FHC but being a student here as well?

“I like being here at FHC as a student because it’s a nice campus and really nice people. I like the soccer here because of the close teammates we have and the coaches”.