I choose positivity


Beep, beep, beep.

From the moment my alarm goes off in the morning, when my fingers began to dance around my sheets, when my eyes flutter open adjusting to the morning sun, I am met with hundreds of choices.

I start out choosing between if I am going to choose to stay in bed and pull the covers over my body or plant my feet on the ground, stand up, and start my day. After that, I choose what I need to do next to benefit me the most: pick out an outfit, finish last night’s uncompleted homework, make a filling breakfast, watch TV, brush my teeth, or comb my hair. While each choice is small, each is significant and will affect my day differently.

One day, I made the choice to try something that I would be judged on. I had all confidence that I would get the approval to move on and be a part of this. But, someone else made the choice for me, and suddenly, something out of my control has left me devastated.

Once again, I am met with choices.

I could decide to wallow, laying in bed all day sobbing over an opportunity missed. I could speak venomous words to the people who were chosen to be where I longed to be. Or, I could choose a positive alternative.

People cannot control situations, but people have the power to choose their reactions.

The best choice to choose in a reaction is peace.

Choosing between harmful, negative emotions or helpful, positive ones, I would choose the latter. It only benefits me to stay positive. So instead, I positively choose to stay at peace; I also choose to pick up a passion that is in my control. Instead of wallowing that I am not a part of a single thing that I thought I so badly wanted, I have directed my energy into deciding to take up horseback riding again. By choosing positivity, I can see now that when one door closes, another one opens. I chose to move on and see all the time I have to finally clean my room, ride my horse, and work.