The Steve Bannon investigation is a wake-up call


This week, my brain has been spinning with tidbits about Russia. However, these pertained mostly to Russian literature– 20th-century Russian literature, to be exact. My brain was (and still is) swimming with various facts regarding different Russian poets, and I simply didn’t think I had the capacity to hear, learn, or read anything about Russia for at least a week.

However, I recently learned about Steve Bannon’s removal from the chief strategist position and the investigation that is underway regarding any links between Trump’s associates and Russia.

So, it appeared that I wasn’t done with Russia.

In Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury, it was revealed that Bannon believed a 2016 meeting between Trump and a group of Russians who promised information on his then-opponent Hillary Clinton was treasonous. These statements, of course, would not stand. Thus, last week, he was officially removed from his position and is now being investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller.

All of this ties back to the 2016 election and Russia’s alleged involvement in it.

Bannon was invited to speak at a committee on Wednesday, but his refusal to answer questions from a broad scope of time (ranging all the way from the time he was with the White House, to his transition out, and even conversations that took place after he left) forced his appearance to change from voluntary to mandatory.

His refusal to speak seemed to stem from the White House itself, given he was willing to speak prior to his appearance on Wednesday. This itself implies that something fishy is going on behind the scenes, but nothing definite can be concluded from it.

These accusations of the Trump administration’s ties with Russia, especially their interference with the election, have been making news for the past year at least. With a new fact, a new scandal, or a new investigation surfacing what feels like every day, it’s difficult to stay on top of the entire Russia situation. I believe, however, that it shouldn’t be this difficult to find out what’s happening in my country.

I understand it’s unrealistic to know all the ins and outs of the government. However, when we’ve reached a point where it seems there’s a new scandal, new trial, or simply a new piece of information each day, I feel that it’s time to let the truth out.

I would hope this investigation helps reach the bottom of this never-ending spiral of Russian secrets. If our president is so willing to share information describing our nuclear weaponry to North Korea through a Tweet, I feel he can use that platform- his preferred platform- to bring a little honesty to the table.

Politics is a dirty game, and I understand that. However, it’s reached a point where the scandals keep coming, so is it really worth covering up anymore? The truth is bound to be revealed, and it would mean more to hear it directly from our leader rather than through a series of confusing trials and investigations.

I’m no professional, but even I can see that there are better ways to keep our country informed. If Bannon’s case is any indicator, there are still dozens of secrets concealed within the walls of the White House, and we, the people, deserve to know them.