Humans of FHC: Tori Macleod


“I volunteer at the animal shelter, Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary, and I fell in love with all these dogs. I really wanted them to get adopted because it doesn’t really make any sense to me why they weren’t in houses to begin with and why they were spending their lives in this shelter when they were such great dogs. They should have been adopted out by families a long time ago. So then, finally, two of the three dogs that I fell in love with got adopted. I was crying happy tears: I’m just so sad to see them go, but I’m so happy that they finally got a family. One dog was there for two years, and the other one was adopted [and] then brought back. I’m just so happy that they finally found their forever home and that they’re finally going home to a family that they love.

Someone was talking to me [when I was there], and they said that going there was like their own blood pressure medicine, and that’s 100 percent true. You go there, and you totally forget everything other than the time you’re spending with the dogs. You’re not really there for you; you’re there for the dogs because they only get twenty minutes out of the day with people so you’re just trying to be all that you can be for them and try to do the best you can for them.

So I’m just really happy about those dogs getting adopted, and I hope that they do well.”

( Junior )