Parents work hard on this year’s Senior All Night Party as planning and fundraising continue


It’s the culmination of every homework assignment, difficult test, and sleepless night; every football game, assembly, and school dance. All the apprehension and anxiety and anticipation. Graduation: the finale of the whirlwind that is high school. But what to do when the moment you have been waiting for twelve years finally arrives?


“The reason [the Senior All Night Party (SANP)] got started many, many years ago- like thirty years ago- is so that [there could] be a safe way for kids to celebrate,” said FHC parent Patti Baldwin, a member of SANP’s fundraising committee. “You put them all in a building, you lock the doors, you don’t let them out till the next morning– but in the meantime, they’re having so much fun. It’s one last time that the Class of 2018 is together as a whole. One last goodbye, one last hurrah, in a safe way.”

As a party that occurs immediately after the graduation ceremony and is perfectly curated for every seniors’ enjoyment, the SANP has long since been the much-anticipated climax of senior year.

“I think the SANP is a really good way for students to hang out after their graduation and just do a bunch of cool, wacky stuff together and get to know each other one more time before they leave to go to college,” said Senior Class President Ellie Matellic.

Part of the SANP’s attraction is its elusive secret location.

“We keep the location a surprise every year– I don’t even know where it is, and I’m on the committee,” Baldwin said. “Only people who need to know, know where it is.”

What seniors can be sure of, however, is a thoroughly memorable night.

“Graduates from previous years have said it was the [best] party they had ever attended in school, and that they have never laughed harder than they had ever laughed from the entertainment,” said FHC parent and chair of the SANP, Amy Schmidt. “Based upon feedback from the 2018 FHC student poll, we are focusing on additional activities and services. It’s a highly engaging party that will appeal to people of varied interests. It’s supervised by parent and staff, but the attendees fully decide what to participate in.”

This year’s committee members have plenty of lively entertainment options planned.

“Some of the activities include games, temporary tattoos, caricatures, professional chair massage, cash cube, movies, entertainment, photo opportunities, and more,” Schmidt said. “We will also have quiet spaces for friends to gather and chat.”

Furthermore, seniors can expect a decadent array of foods throughout the night.

“Our food chairs, Meg Dunn and Stephanie Thornton, are planning for high-quality food, including gluten-free and vegetarian, so there will be something for everyone,” Schmidt said.

The parents have undeniably been working diligently all year to ensure a meaningful night for seniors as they bid one last farewell to their peers. Thus, they encourage everyone to register and will be accepting sign-ups throughout the year.

“We want people to come,” Baldwin said. “If at the last minute they say, “You know what? I really want to come.a�� Come. It’s fine.”

And while such an extravagant party comes with a registration price of $125, the SANP does not want any financial limitations to restrict a student from attending.

“If someone cannot pay, all they have to do is ask, and it will be given to them,” Baldwin said.

However, this generosity presents the need for fundraising. As such, the SANP committee is selling banners, perfect for any families wishing to purchase a visual representation of their pride for their senior’s accomplishment.

“The banners are really cool,” Baldwin said. “People can hang them on their front porch, they can hang them out at their child’s open house, and they’re a high-quality vinyl.”

In addition, there are several upcoming fundraising events at various businesses and restaurants, including a March 20 event at Culver’s that is in need of nine student volunteers.

“Those are fun when the whole restaurant is full of Central families, and you know that a portion of the meal is going back to the SANP,” Baldwin said. “So that’s really cool.”

Undoubtedly, there are a lot of people working very hard to create the best possible celebration for the seniors’ departure. The Class of 2018 will be surely very satisfied with the night that awaits them at the end of their long, four-year journey.

“It’ll be a night you’ll never forget,” Baldwin said. “It’ll be one last time to have fun with your friends. The parents worked really, really hard to make sure that you’ll have fun all night long.”