Taylor Swift’s new single “ME!” marks the exciting beginning of a glimmering new era for her


The clock struck midnight, and thousands upon thousands of fans shivered in anticipation, hearts pattering, breaths bated, faces illuminated by the glow of a glittering, shimmering countdown.

For 13 days, since April 13, Taylor Swift has teased a countdown on her social media to the coveted, mysterious date of “4.26,” backdropped by all the color and light and sparkle that so contrasts with her previous album, reputation.

reputation represented a darker, edgier fork in Swift’s career, a retaliation and reflection and repercussion of the public hellfire Swift endured at the hands of the infamous Kim Kardashian phone scandal.

Thus, when Swift’s Instagram feed debuted a refreshing burst of color, fans received the indication of a new chapter with elation and pride.

And last night marked the culmination of the aesthetic shift and highly publicized and anticipated countdown.

Midnight approached, and with Swift ever-present and excited in the live Youtube comments, the ticking countdown that had so thrilled and agitated and haunted fans for 13 days appeared on the live Youtube premier of Swift’s newest project.

Titled as boldly and unapologetically as Swift has grown to be in past years, “ME!” and its corresponding music video dropped at midnight, declaring joyously of brazen individuality.

The song opens with crisp harmonies reminiscent to other Swift songs like “Getaway Car” and “Delicate.” This sets the stage for rest of the song’s strong vocals and light, cheery tone.

The first verse begins backed by a pounding, rhythmic drum beat, and Swift sings, with renewed air and bounce, of newfound self-awareness and reflection. The beats build and intensify into the pre-chorus, finally releasing with the light, soaring vocals of the chorus that proclaim assured confidence in individual identity.

The next stanza brings forth an entirely new surprise, with Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco. His ever powerful voice molded perfectly with the song, and his energy and light was a perfect fit for “ME!”

And the music video that arrived alongside was just entirely stunning. The visuals and colors and vibrancy are unparalleled. Urie and Swift bring forth a spirit and vitality that is so becoming of the song and simply fun to watch. It’s sweet and cute and funny, and the Easter eggs scattered throughout are a testament to Swift’s unwavering adherence and loyalty to her fans.

As a longtime and very devoted fan of Swift, I have been asked too many times to count about this song already. Frankly, I like the song. It’s cute and fun and whimsical and catchy, and I’m proud of Swift’s consistent ability to continually change and evolve through her career. I know that the song is a little sugary, a little cupcake-y, a little Disney. So I acknowledge and agree that it’s not the greatest song to ever be, nor the most profound or best of Swift’s career.

But this is a very predictable move for Swift. The inaugural singles of Swift’s albums are almost always the more marketable, radio-friendly, and weaker songs relative to the origin album, and “ME!” follows suit.

“We Are Never Getting Back Together” was the first off of Red, and “ME!” shares its laid-back fun and quirky attitude. “Shake it Off” was the first off of 1989, and “ME!” shares its joyous buoyancy and cheery horns. “Look What You Made Me Do” was the first off of reputation, and “ME!” shares its bold change and unabashed voice.

The point is that all of these aforementioned introductory singles are all catchy and fun in their own right but simply pale in comparison to their respective albums.

And “ME!” just makes me smile. And new music makes me smile. And Taylor Swift makes me smile. And the thought of a new album, a new era, a new chapter makes me smile.