Netflix original Atypical returns for another heartfelt season


I’m not one to binge-watch.

I get bored easily when watching shows, so it’s pretty much impossible for me to watch a full season of a show in one day. I can barely sit through a couple episodes of a show without getting bored.

Despite the boredom that ensues when watching shows, I finished two seasons of Atypical in one day.

I was a little late to the game because season one came out over a year ago, but I had a day home from school with no motivation to do anything productive because I was extremely sick. So, I settled into bed to watch 18 episodes of an anything but typical show– which I think was a day well spent.

Atypical centers around Sam (Keir Gilchrist), an autistic 18-year-old who is navigating school, dating, family, and the other turbulences of life. This show could have painfully portrayed autism in a harsh or disrespectful way, but it did just the opposite of that. Through blunt humor and the witty sayings of Sam, Atypical shed a small sliver of light upon the very wide umbrella of autism.

Season two, which was released on Netflix just a couple of weeks ago, seamlessly picked up right where season one left off. Season two delved deeper into Sam and his family’s ocean of difficulties, and even though it dealt with some tougher topics, the show still maintained the light and humorous energy from season one.

It’s hard not to fall in love with this show. I immediately connected to the characters just a couple of episodes into season one. I felt Casey (Brigette Lundy-Paine), Sam’s protective younger sister, and I shared a similar personality which made it easy for me to get entranced by her storyline. It’s not hard to watch 18 episodes of a show in one day when you feel so connected to a character– or all of the characters, for that matter. Each episode engrossed me like a toddler watching fireworks for the first time. My focus was only on the show; very rarely did I check my phone or think about all the work I was missing on my day off.

I absolutely loved how season two further showed the characters in their most vulnerable states. Because I watched both seasons in a day, it was exciting to see the immense character development that happened in the show’s year– which was my couple of hours.

Atypical is a warm, heartfelt, and humorous show that handled some tougher subject matter in a witty way. It was beautifully produced and written, and the actors put on a stunning performance each episode. I do not regret spending my day binge-watching a show as astounding as Atypical.