Fear won’t control me



She appeals to the fragile and intimidates the mighty.

Her presence is soft to touch and comforting at first contact. Consumed by her aura, she gradually anchors you to her atmosphere. She keeps you intact and protected. She shows you where to stand and where it’s safe to step.

She keeps you in place and out of danger. She’s nice to have around at points, manages rude comments from coming out of your mouth, and declaims lousy choices. Then, she seems to orchestrate every single decision you make. I only kept her for her logical decisions as to what to say or what to keep out of. I never wanted her to restrain my happiness and ability to adventure.  

Then, I pushed myself out her grasp.

I was scared and vulnerable, but I knew I could protect myself. I accomplished more than I thought I ever would alone. I felt invincible.

It was great, and I felt great. I did things I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing while I was afraid.  I did anything and everything.

It was great.

But, the feeling slowly crept in again. It all happened at once. I doubted myself and my capabilities.

I knew it was my fault for being manipulated by her time and time again.

It was my fault for giving in and not trusting myself.

Fear won’t control me.