Inside the Classroom #5 – Traditions and trends


To me, traditions are spectacularly peculiar. The idea that a person or a group of people can form an event so incredible and memorable that it continues long past their departure astounds me. I think traditions, in all their longevity, are a true indicator of an incredible community, one that continues to advance into the future by building from the past.

In this fashion, many of our traditions on The Central Trend are newly formed but fully thriving. In fact, the traditions build the spirit and community within our room and publication, and they’re truly one of my favorite parts of being on staff. Moving into the holiday season, staff members get to experience many of these annual practices, such as our “Trendsgiving” banquet and elaborate decorating of Room 139.

“Trendsgiving,” an annual event that began last year, returned with even more gusto in its second attempt. As the kick-off to our holiday season, we push towards avoiding the “mid-year lull” in terms of effort by stuffing our faces with food. Thus, on the last Friday before Thanksgiving break, with the tables arranged into a long dining table to fit forty people, each WFP member, staff writer, and sports reporter was ready to eat. And eat, we did.

A full-fledged variety of Thanksgiving classics, like stuffing, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and rotisserie chicken was joined by a wide array of desserts. I think it’s safe to say that each staff member waddled out of the room when the bell rang. Despite our indulgence in the spread before us, it wasn’t even the food that was the highlight of our afternoon.

Rather, the pinnacle of the event was the heightened sense of community that developed between the dozens of people present. Though there were over forty people in that room, each unique and holding different passions, it was the enthusiasm for a single website that brought us all together.

As we went around the table, some opting to express what they were thankful for, it really inspired me to see the love, attachment, and endearment held in the hearts of my peers. Whether it was giving thanks for friends, family, experiences, or even The Central Trend, it was a captivating experience. I think most in the room felt as if they were a part of something much greater.

So as the holiday season continues, and our room begins to look more and more like “Christmas threw up on it,” as Courtney Collar might say, I can’t wait to see this sense of community continue to develop with the help of the rest of our traditions. It’s an incredible thing, traditions, and I couldn’t be more grateful for all of ours’.