Humans of FHC: Ethan Vredenburg and Abby Irving


Ethan: “It was kind of a Christmas outfit with a bunch of cool little decorations: red, blue, white. It was Friday afternoon, and I was going to look for a tie because I hadn’t gotten one yet. So me and [my date] Abby [Irving] went to Kohls, and Abby was like, ‘Hey they have the cool suits here.’ So I was like, ‘You know what? We should just try to go look for one.’ And it’s Friday, the day before Winterfest, and we find the cools suits. I tried one on, and it was a little big. But then I tried another one on; the top fit, but then the pants went way past my feet. Then Abby was like, ‘No, my mom can sew these.’ That’s how that happened. [Abby] loved it.”

Abby: “I had a navy blue dress; he kind of had navy blue in the suit. He wanted to do a crazy suit either for this or for prom, and prom is a ‘no’ for me so I was trying to make a compromise.”