Humans of FHC: Lindsay Litke


“[My first year here] has been amazing. I love it. I love the students; I love my coworkers; I love the work. I worked in IT. It’s a very big difference. I still get to do some IT stuff, but not a whole lot. I like them both, but I like being here with the students more than I enjoy being behind a computer and on a phone all day. I feel very welcomed [here] because I have people that I never knew until this position, and I’ve had students who never used to talk to me that now think they’re my best friend, and I think it’s fantastic, and they stop in and talk to us. Mrs. Noonan has been fantastic with making me feel at home, and so have the other counselors and Ms. Ellis and Mr. DeStefano, of course. My favorite part is I get to do attendance, and I get to sit up front at Ms. Ellis’s spot, and I’m back here, so I have the opportunity to talk to a lot of the students and a lot of the staff. There’s never a boring day. I wouldn’t say there’s anything I don’t like about [the job]. [The student body] is fantastic. They’re going to do wonderful things, and I’m excited to see all the things they do. And, no, we cannot change their schedule one month into the semester.”