A new point of view


Nobody will ever be able to understand you.

Not because nobody wants to, but because nobody can. Despite how much they want to, despite how much you’ll try to force your viewpoint on them, they don’t have the ability to understand you.

You and others could talk for hours on end. You could talk to them about your childhood, you could talk about politics, you could talk about your theories of everything, you could talk about space, you could talk about entertainment.

But they will never understand you.

Even with your explanation behind why you believe what you believe, they could be able to grasp onto what you’re saying, but they’ll never fully understand or experience it. What you felt in that exact moment — your emotions, and your physical state — are things they will never understand.

Maybe we’re not as close as we think; maybe there’s someone else you’re closer with, such as a friend or a family member or a significant other. Maybe they’ve known you for your entire life. Maybe they have experienced the same exact events as you.

You two can laugh at inside jokes or cry at lost memories, but they are still genuinely different than you. They see a totally different side, they might feel differently about a situation, and they might have different emotions during this event.

Unless you can understand them completely including what they’ve been through, what emotions they have, how they react, and see what they really are through unclouded eyes with zero judgment, you’ll never truly be able to know what they are.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Giving people a shoulder to lean on is always appreciated. You may not know them entirely, but you can try to understand them mostly.  Then again, not everyone will be there for you, and not everyone will understand who you are. You can’t always be dependent on others; sometimes you just need yourself.

Will anybody understand you? Will you ever understand anybody?

The only person to understand you is you. You are all you need. Once you learn that, learn more about yourself, and learn to love yourself, you find yourself not in need of others validating you. You find yourself seeking more than just having people understand you. All you need is for yourself to understand who you truly are.

It might not be such an easy quest, and it might take years for you to find it. Open yourself up to what the world has to offer you, empathize for the ones in need, you may be able to let them understand themselves, too.