Humans of FHC: Selina Franovic


“Every summer, I go to Montenegro and visit my family. My dad’s entire family lives there, so we go and basically live there for the summer. We have a cottage-type house. For a few summers, I even trained for water polo while I was there with really professional coaches. It’s good because I get to see my family. Most people just go visit their grandparents in Frankenmuth or something, but I get to travel across the world. Sometimes we do little day trips; we’ll go to Italy for the weekend or something like that. I get to see the culture. It’s weird to see my cousins grow up in such a different way. We’re similar ages but, it’s hard to explain, it’s just weird how they are living so differently. I like going there because then I can keep the [Serbo-Croatian] language, but I try to practice it as much as I can with my parents at home, too.”