Humans of FHC: Mary-Elizabeth Williams


“I love children. I think it’s really, really important and cool to be able to mold the next generation. You can see what you teach them, and when they imply it, when they are empathetic, when they’re nice and they’re kind–it’s really rewarding. I think it’s worth every spilled milk or paint on the wall. I just think they’re such cute little humans.

[I’m drawn to] their innocence. They’re funny. They don’t understand stereotypes and social norms, so to watch little kids interact is hilarious to me. I think every child is quite sensitive, and I think that’s a beautiful thing. I try to teach them that their emotions and what they feel are valid, and you need to feel and get through it and not shove it off. I love how impressionable they are because typically after working [as a nanny], I feel like I contributed something.”