Varsity girls field hockey loses to Saline and overcomes AAFGR

Cam Roth

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Recovering from a narrow loss against Novi the previous week, the FH girls varsity field hockey team looked to win against Saline and AAFGR in a doubleheader this past Saturday. The ladies took on both teams with incredible energy, but they were only able to stay on top against AAFGR, securing a 2-1 victory for Forest Hills. 

Forest Hills played exceptionally well moving the ball around swiftly and with great accuracy. In both games, Julia Brown from FHC played excellently.

“She did a great job moving the ball out of the defensive end,” said sophomore teammate Olivia Booth. “Shannon Murphy did amazing switching fields, moving the ball around in the midfield, and overall being a very dynamic player in the AAFGR game. Sophie Hartl also did a very good job getting the ball up the field during the Saline game.”

The FH girls are now 1-6 on the season and continue to strive to improve as the season moves on. Forest Hills will play its next game on September 19th against Ann Arbor Pioneer High School at 4:30 on home turf.