845 words for the people I love


These next few paragraphs are for my best friends; every word is written with pure sincerity and thoughtfulness. No introduction can fully explain exactly how I feel without giving away the mystery of what each letter is about. So, as you read these, please take them to heart and really comprehend every sentence because they were written for you: the people that I love.

To the person that understands everything about our future but also knows it might not happen anytime soon,        

Stress will no longer be a part of my mind in the next four years. I know that that little apartment on the mountainside will have to wait, and I think you know it too. The large, glass sliding doors that open to a balcony over the seaside are just a dream that I visit every night until it is real. The pictures of you and I side-by-side on our surfboards enjoying the summer breeze still need to develop in my polaroid camera’s film. Our future is so bright and exciting; every day is just one day closer to our middle school dreams. Oregon may be over two thousand miles away, but a thirty-one-hour car ride doesn’t seem too long now. 

To the person who gets exactly what I’m going through because she cares enough to ask,

I try to live through your image every single day. Through you, I look at people through a non-judgemental eye, and I see people for their best features and not their worst mistakes. Your laugh lights up my world and makes me roll on the floor laughing right alongside you. Your relationships with others inspires me to branch out to others and experience all different types of friends. I have become a better person because of your impact, your selflessness, and your state of mind.

Please never stop being you just because of what other people think; you are beautiful and full of so much positive energy that it’s infectious. Your originality and perseverance are so out of this world. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about how much you have come out of your shell this year. You have made me a better person, and I’m forever grateful.

To the person who sits with me through the whole entire roller coaster with our hands up and screaming all the way,

Life is a crazy roller coaster with many ups and downs; it might even have worse drops than Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom. Every adventure, memory, and moment we spend together is another pass around a fast corner. We always hold our hands up all the way through the ride even though we feel like our hands will hit the low hanging objects above us. We laugh all the way through the two-minute ride every single time. This roller coaster is no longer scary like it might have been a couple of years ago; now it’s fun and intriguing. I’m glad I have unlimited fast passes for this ride because without them, I would have to wait in that long line.

To the person who might not have always been my friend but decided to share memories with me anyway,

Sixth grade was a strange year for all of us, trying to find ourselves but never really understanding what true identity is or if we will ever find it. But let’s be real, the most individual thing any of us did was along the lines of answering a question for Mr. May when he called on us. Your image has been planted into my brain. I can still see you now, sitting across from me in our home block as we both were wondering if we would go outside for recess today. You with your two signature braids and Justice clothing and me with my Under Armor sweatshirts from Goodwill. Life was easier then; we didn’t have to worry about toxic friends or any drama at the time. But, growing up with you everything changedeverything from our class schedules to our friends, and thank goodness, to our sense of style. I am so glad over the past three years you and I have grown so much closer into something more than just table partners; we have grown into real friends.

To the people I love,

None of this is a thank you. I don’t expect you to write something extravagant about me, but I just wanted to put it all out there. High school is really trying; everything about it is stressful. The people we have lost and gained have impacted our friend group forever. The countless laughs we share have impacted our friend group forever. The memories that feel straight out of a movie will impact our friend group forever. Every single word written on this page has meaning: the surfing in Oregon, the new perspective, the twists and turns of life, and the old memories that contribute to the new ones. Every single topic written in these letters brings tears to my eyes thinking about everything each one of us has been through together. So, I guess this is like one big memory for you to read. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed strolling down Memory Lane. So this is for you, the person reading this, the person that knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Love your biggest fan,