Oh Wonder’s four singles are a magnificent prelude to their upcoming album


In anticipation of their upcoming album, Oh Wonder—a London-based duo—has released four stunning singles that embody the technicolor sound that remains so constant with this duo. 

No matter the mood, no matter the day, Oh Wonder always provides exactly what I need for that very moment. Mellow yet lively, simplistic yet cavernous, Oh Wonder’s music holds so much depth and vibrancy, and I’ve fallen in love with every single song over the past few years. 

Which is why I was so excited for another album—a new batch of songs to fall in love with love.

“Hallelujah” was the first. The first inkling that, maybe, there would be another album—this was released before the album release date. The first new song from Oh Wonder in two years. 

Beginning with a soft piano intro and quickly blossoming into a garden of blooming violins, which leads to the powerful chorus, this song is indescribably beautiful. The acoustic version, a softer version of an already soft song, is especially lovely, and I appreciate the more unplugged side of the song. 

“Better Now” was the second, and it has more of a story. Writing it after experiencing an emotional birth of a family member’s first baby, they describe the song as “what it must feel like to be in a waiting room on the other side of the wall to your loved one.” 

Beginning with faint hospital monitor beeps and soft piano chords, “Better Now” sounds like a warm hug or the way hot chocolate warms your entire body after the first too-hot sip. It’s a graceful tribute to their family member, and it’s the second song I fell in love with—for the message behind it and the way it made me feel warm inside. 

“I Wish I Never Met You” was the third, and its thunderous violin chorus was the melody for a song of bitter heartbreak. Upbeat and empowering, “I Wish I Never Met You” is a powerful open letter to everyone who has ever broken their heart; the violins of the chorus spoke louder than any lyrics could have. 

“Happy” was the fourth. The fourth and final single preceding the release of the album. The fourth song I fell in love with. I really can’t tell if it’s a song about moving forward from a past love or being happy with someone new, but, nevertheless, it follows a similar pattern of cascading violins and harmonious, powerful choruses that the previous three include. 

“Happy” made me eager for Feb 7, the date of their album release, for there would be a new collection of songs to fall in love the same way I fell in love with the first four.