Freshman girls basketball surpasses all odds as they go on to conclude their 15-5 season


For head coach Tracy Jenkins, his brand new team of freshman girls defied all expectations and went on to have an amazing season. 

“I am amazed at the basketball IQ of this team,” Jenkins said. “By the time we were halfway through the year they had already started diagnosing what their opponents were doing and started suggesting what we should do next. This is by far the smartest group I have had.”

The freshman girls basketball team proved themselves to be a powerful force throughout the entire season; however, when it came to conference play their dominance really showed through. 

The Rangers went into the beginning of their conference play with a record of 3-4, but by the end of the season, their record was 15-5; making them 12-0 in the conference. 

“It was very satisfying for myself and the team to have an outcome like this,” Jenkins said. “They worked very hard these last four months to implement their system and approach towards the game. They were able to tie everything together, and it paid off with a conference championship.” 

Aside from their conference victory, the team had many more accomplishments to be proud of, one of them being their incredible press that held over four teams to less than 20 points. 

“I thought our team had some really great accomplishments throughout the year,” freshman Anna Hale said. “I feel like we all really grew as a team, and started making really good decisions on both offense and defense as the season went on.”

The Rangers had several key players that really helped to contribute to their successful season. Freshman Maya Holser was the team’s leading scorer in nearly every game. Her ability to play in the post and grab rebounds was a true deciding factor in many of the close games. 

Along with Maya, freshman Frankie Sutton led the team up top in the point-guard position every game of the season. The two worked as a tag team, with Frankie constantly being able to feed Maya the ball in the post. Frankie also led the team in three-pointers throughout the season, with several of them coming in big moments during the game.

“Frankie played really well for us,” Anna said. “She knows how to control the ball, and make good decisions in times when we need her most.” 

This team came together at the beginning of the season as people who had never played together before, but by the end, they were playing like a team that had been together for a while. 

“I will miss this team a lot,” Frankie said. “I will also miss the practices and the games, and being able to have something fun to look forward to after school.” 

As the team looks forward to their next season they have a lot of high hopes for what it will bring. 

“I am said that this season is over,”  Jenkins said. “This group is very tight, and we all enjoy being around each other. Hopefully, we can keep this momentum going into next season as a JV team.”