5SOS’s four latest singles precede a promising upcoming album

Just a couple months short of an entire year ago, a euphonious song with an addictive beat accompanied me while I got ready in the morning, drove to dance, and did homework—basically all of the activities I do that feature music in the background.

As summer peaked its head around the corner and eventually arrived, this song became a staple of my pop and everyday playlists. 

This sweet-sounding single was “Easier” by the Australian pop-rock band 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS). Released on May 23, 2019, this song’s success led it to obtain the role of the lead single of the band’s upcoming album: CALM.  

The release date of CALM was recently expressed to audiences: March 27, 2020. Yet, four singles of the twelve-song album have already been delivered to a hungry audience. “Easier,” “Teeth,” “No Shame,” and “Old Me” have all experienced rapid fame, as they have each appeared on the top of my Today’s Hits playlist on Apple Music just days following their release.

CALM represents 5SOS’s fifth album as well as the band’s latest album in two years. Originating in Sydney, New South Wales, 5SOS began to accumulate fame and a fanbase in the beginning months of 2012 through YouTube.

Overall, the first four released songs of CALM precede what I believe will be an undeniably successful album.

Posting covers of various artists’ popular songs, the band was granted the opportunity to perform their original songs live in concert to worldwide audiences just a year later. 5SOS landed the gig of opening for the English-British boyband One Direction on 1D’s international Take Me Home tour in 2013.  

Since then, the band has released three studio albums and headlined the three world tours of those albums. The band plans on hosting a fourth tour, the No Shame Tour, to promote CALM, which will commence this May.  


The engaging, singable single covers the overused topic of toxic love and finding the courage to leave an unhealthy relationship with an uncommonly used beat and melody. 5SOS presents the story of a failing relationship with the pop-rock sound that has become truly authentic to them. The angelic, emotional vocals of lead singer Luke Hemmings are perfectly accompanied by the instrumentation of the song presented by lead drummer Ashton Irwin, guitarist Michael Clifford, and bassist Calum Hood. 

The makeup of the song seems to match the type of music that initially put 5SOS on the charts globally; however, the version of spunky pop-rock that “Easier” features appears to be a promising turn towards the true development of the band’s specific, mature sound. 


Released on August 21, 2019, “Teeth” maintained its prestigious position on the charts up until about mid-November; I remember this because of the interesting beat and almost shrilling sound of how the lyrics are sung match well within the characteristics of the Halloween season. 

Covering relatively the same topic as “Easier,” “Teeth” describes the female interest of the narrator having teeth around her heart—in other words, her love is dangerous. With an ominous, suspenseful sound in its verses, the song appears to be calm; however, power develops in the pre-chorus, and commotion heightens at the chorus. Including various electric guitar features that account for the screech-like sound of the song, “Teeth” easily exhibits the most melodic creativity and elaborateness. 

“No Shame” 

CALM’s pop-rock sound takes a turn towards solely pop in “No Shame.” Singing about being shamelessly in love with someone, “No Shame” features a more positive outlook on life compared to “Easier” and “Teeth.” 

Including a similar calm buildup to “Teeth,” this dynamic song provides a lighthearted love story through a compelling beat and sound. With almost a hidden retro vibe in the background elements of the song that reveals itself in the bridge, “No Shame” successfully adds to the distinct sound of CALM. 

“Old Me” 

This is my favorite song of the four releases. Finally diverging from the topics of healthy and toxic relationships, “Old Me” covers the topic of self-love and appreciating what experiences and struggles have turned you into who you are today. Not only do I favor “Old Me” because of its encouraging topic, but I also appreciate the apologeticness included in the lyrics: mistakes are bound to happen. Being extremely catchy, I predict that “Old Me” will follow me into summer just like “Easier” did. 

Overall, the first four released songs of CALM precede what I believe will be an undeniably successful album. Featuring four songs that each include a different sound but satisfy the aesthetic and theme of the album, CALM’s next release is set for March 27.