The Hopeless Fountain Kingdom


They had never dared to declare war against us until now.

They think Aurem is taking too much control.

Esoteric’s are very knowledgeable, and their group is tiny because very few people understand what they do.

Adroit is how I would describe them.

Rosa is speaking right now.

She’s an Angelus just like I am.

My name is Solis Angelus, but I’m in love with Luna.

Luna Aurem.

The secrets we keep because of it are buried deep within our souls, and we shall keep them until eternity.

After the infamous car ambush between our groups, and after she boxed with Rosa and won, the bond between us intensified.

The uncontrollable feelings I have for liking her creates a bubble of confusion for me.

I do not doubt that Luna Aurem is my muse; she has expressed her likeliness toward me.

Head Angelus dismisses us, and I see Rosa eye me. I look away and look over at Luna. She’s glaring at Luna.

Luna turns around and looks at me as she smiles, and her eyes shift over to the corner.

She wants to talk, but we linger and pause as everyone leaves. I nod and look over to Rosa once more.

“Don’t go near her, Solis,” Rosa warns me. “Just because we are joining them doesn’t mean we all have to be friends.”

The logical part of me finds myself nodding as I would not want to argue with Rosa and start a scene.

She walks away, and I watch her as she does.

The secrets we keep because of it are buried deep within our souls and we shall keep them until eternity.

Luna and I walk over to the corner. I find her smiling, and as her smile fades like an old memory, she says, “Rosa isn’t fond of us.”

“Yes, her taste of staying within Angelus’s rules overrules her as a person,” I reply. “My heart yearns to say that I love you, Luna!” I look at her.

The euphoric glow her eyes give off tells me of her happiness without using a word. Her being surrenders itself to me as she leans in and places a kiss upon my lips. I return her gesture as a smile peaks its way through my lips.

My blood rushes like a waterfall, and my heartbeats override my thoughts. She moves her hand down to my waist and squeezes.

She then whispers in my ear, “I love you too, Solis!”

Echoes of steps on the cold, harsh floor create a mystery as we glance up to see the person who made the noise. My head is beating in nervousness.

Luna doesn’t spare a glance at me.

We then see Rosa appear in the hallway.