Injured Athlete Series: Jacob Campbell

Sydney Kushak

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Morghan Tilton
January 26, 2021
Emily Johnson
January 14, 2021

Senior Jacob Campbell has been on the varsity hockey team for all four years of high school. Back in the fall, the team participated in some pre season games, and unfortunately during one of those games, Jacob broke his wrist.

How did you injure yourself?

“I injured myself in our last pre-season game by sticking my hand out while bracing for a hit, which caused my hand to bend backwards farther than it should have.”

How is recovering going?

“Unfortunately recovery has not been the best. The bone I broke, the scaphoid, is a very slow healing bone due to its lack of blood flow, so although my injury was supposed to be healed in around 6 weeks. It is still broken after close to 9 weeks, with several more weeks to come.”

How are your coaches and teammates helping you through this?

My coaches and teammates are helping just by making it known that I’m still a part of the team no matter what is happening with my wrist. I can definitely tell I have support behind me.”

How does this injury impact your senior season?

“This injury has not impacted my senior season too much honestly, since our season just keeps getting delayed repeatedly. Chances are, I will start the season playing with a brace on my wrist, then see how I fell from there.”

What have you been doing to stay positive throughout the recovery process? 

“To stay positive I really have just tried to be as involved with the team as I possibly can, despite whether I can actually participate or not. It has been tough, especially with COVID shutting us down just about every other week, but there is no use in getting worked up about what I can’t control.”