Joshua Bassett’s new song exceeded my expectations


Being a teenager, I feel the need to constantly be involved in celebrity drama.

There is something strange about not being at all involved in drama, yet feeling like you know the whole story. And, of course, who’s side you choose to be on is essential.

While singer and actor Joshua Bassett has been involved in plenty of drama lately, he added to the already highly speculated pandemonium by releasing a new song.

He recently released his newest single, “Lie Lie Lie.” While some fans theorized the song was about his rumored past girlfriend, Olivia Rodrigo—who also just released a song, titled “drivers license“—Bassett quickly shut down the rumors and informed his listeners that this was an unreleased song he had made two years ago.

Bassett plays Ricky Bowen on the Disney Plus original show, High School Musical: the Musical: the Series, and has an astounding voice while singing on the show; when the song started playing, my hopes were already set very high.

The song starts off similar to his past two songs—a guitar for a short period of time but then transitioning into his voice. While his past songs have had a slower and quieter guitar in the background, “Lie Lie Lie” began with a very strong and heavy guitar. 

Bassett takes no time to confront the person this song is written about. The first line of the song immediately calls someone out for lying and spreading rumors about Bassett. 

Instantly, I was intrigued. I wanted to hear more about this situation; the lyrics only seemed to get better.

The background behind this song is what truly makes it so much more interesting. On Bassett’s Instagram when he announced the release of the song, he wrote “I wrote ‘Lie Lie Lie’ after I found out a friend had been lying about me behind my back for a long time. It always sucks to hear that someone you thought you could trust would throw you under the bus when it benefits them.”

While fans are not sure who the friend was, the music video for “Lie Lie Lie” shows Bassett arguing with a girl while he sings “I know what you say about me; you can’t get me off your mind.” So of course, his loyal fans have filled his comment sections of speculations about who the unlucky person may be.

The music video was much different than I expected it to be. The song is so dramatic and personable that I expected the videography to correlate with the meaning behind the song; I was surprised when there were only a few seconds of what I expected. Most of the music video was just Bassett singing to the camera, which could possibly be him singing the lyrics directly to the person who wronged him—or at least I like to think so.

Although the drama encompassing Bassett may have given me a bit of a negative bias towards him, I cannot say that this song did not catch my attention as soon as it started playing. The song’s catchiness has made it stuck in my head since it was released, and I have already added it to my overflowing playlist.