The final season of On My Block was a perfect way to conclude the series



The On My Block poster advertises the fourth and final season of the popular Netflix series.

Back during the COVID-19 shutdown in 2020, I acquired the hobby of binge-watching shows. From Schitt’s Creek to How I Met Your Mother, I watched every episode. There was not one show that I didn’t enjoy; however, On My Block was a show that surpassed the rest.

Located in Freeridge, California, On My Block follows the action-filled lives of Monse Finnie (Sierra Capri), César Díaz (Diego Tinoco), Ruby Martinez (Jason Genao), and Jamal Turner (Brett Gray). Together, the “Core Four” experience love, loss, lust, and all-around chaos, from searching for the Roller World money to running from the lethal gang boss, Cuchillos. 

Season four, the final season of the series, was released on October 4, 2021. I had no idea that there was even going to be another season until a week before when an ad popped up in my Instagram feed–let’s just say I was extremely excited.

The finale of season three left me in tears, as I was sad to see the group of four all go their separate ways. The four friends had gone through so much together; it pained me to see them look at each other with such resentment as they passed by one another while going about their new lives.

Season four, however, called for circumstances to make the gang reunite. Though it was a rocky start for them at first, it was enjoyable to see them back together again. One aspect of this season that I was not necessarily a fan of was the fact that there was not one main problem that the group was trying to solve. Sure, there were mini endeavors throughout the ten episodes, but unlike past seasons, this one did not revolve around one main issue. 

With how the previous season ended, I was worried that the relationships would not be the same in season four. Thankfully, my inference was wrong, and the constant lust between Ruby and Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia) and the drama between Monse and César were still present. Though I have always loved those two relationships, the friendship between Jamal and Ruby’s Abuelita, or grandmother (Peggy Blow), has always been my favorite. The constant back and forth and their late-night viewings of Dateline contains an absurd yet beautiful friendship that I absolutely adore.

I would have to say that Jamal is easily my favorite character. The awkward, lanky teenager brings so much light and comedic relief to the emotional show, and Gray was able to perfectly perform the character’s disposition. Without Jamal, the show would not have the unique blend of drama and comedy, and it would definitely not be nearly as enjoyable.

Even though the plot was not focused on one thing, I did like how this season was used more for closure on the series. We were able to find out who ends up with who, how their futures will likely unfold, and we were able to see the “Core Four” back together again, which honestly, was all the closure I needed. The one part of the show that was never clarified for viewers was the Roller World money that was allegedly lost. We never found out where it went, or how it was used; it almost feels like the producers forgot about that important aspect of the series. Other than that, the show was beautifully put together and was extremely enjoyable to watch. 

Season four of On My Block was filled to the brim with excitement, action, love, and loss, just as the seasons prior to it. Though I am upset that there will no longer be any more episodes released, I am content over the fact that I was able to watch Monse, Jamal, Ruby, and César on my TV one final time.