The issue with Kanye “Ye” West


Kanye “Ye” West is single-handedly the most self-centered celebrity of 2022. With an obvious superiority complex, his actions aren’t helping people—they’re only hurting.

While Ye made a tweet back in 2018 stating he had changed his name to “Ye,” this only comes up in the media today because of every other insignificant change he’s made to his life. In any inconvenience that happens to Ye, he makes it everyone else’s problem—the world revolves around Ye West.

He believes that God wanted him to be President, he should change his name to the most commonly used word in the bible, and that God supports his shoe brand: Yeezy. But, overall, Kayne is convinced that he is sent from God to lead his “free world.”

While Ye is most commonly known for his musical career, he has also been giving Sunday Services in which he has been singing to praise the Christian God since 2019. These “sermons” are broadcast for anyone to see, but the actual service itself is invite-only—can only certain people praise God in Ye’s eyes, or is it a struggle of enough space?

While Ye’s Sunday Service isn’t registered under the United States Code as an official church, it is stated in the Bible that any group of people coming together to praise is a church. It is apparent that Ye has named himself a Christian, so why doesn’t he act like one?

In the Bible, it is stated “be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you” and “therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” Recently, Ye hasn’t followed either of these Christian directives—he tells everyone else to follow these statements when he can’t do it himself.

Just recently, Kim Kardashian West, his ex-wife, and A-list celebrity has filed for divorce from Ye because she “realized they had little in common and felt lonely,” said in an episode of her family’s show: Keeping Up with the Kardashians

While it is a common stereotype that divorces are toxic and messy, unfortunately, Ye feeds into this.

On his main social media platform—Instagram—Ye has posted many upsetting images, screenshots, and memes about Kim’s new boyfriend: Pete Davidson. 

When the Bible asks followers to be kind, Ye posts a screenshot to his Instagram of Pete supposedly texting, him asking for peace and stability in Kim’s hard transition. His caption, “NO YOU WILL NEVER MEET MY CHILDREN,” and the photo itself invades privacy and brings a side of Ye’s life that doesn’t need to meet social media.

When the Bible asks followers to be tenderhearted, he uses his socials to denounce one of his oldest friends, Kid Cudi, for associating with Pete. He stated, “Just so everyone knows, Cudi will not be on Donda because he’s friends with you know who.” The two rappers have been friends for almost twenty years, and they’ve worked together frequently, but because of Ye’s statement, the two don’t even follow each other on Instagram.

And finally, when the bible asks for forgiveness, Ye posts a picture of Pete and his ex-fiance, Ariana Grande, which was captioned, “[Pete] sent photos with Ariana to Mac Miller, with a way to end the rapper’s hopes of rekindling a relationship with her. Ariana discovered this by Mac’s relatives [after he passed], and ended [Pete and her’s] relationship.” While Ye should keep out of Kim’s new relationship, he can’t forgive her for leaving—he’s seeking revenge because he is in so much pain.

While Ye deliberately uses his words and high status to hurt others, fans are beginning to worry about his mental health. All of these posts have since been deleted, but his digital footprint lives on forever. With more posts this week hinting at his and Kim’s met galas looks from when they were together, he can’t seem to leave her alone. At the end of the day, Ye West is struggling and some will argue he’s the one who needs God now more than ever.