I look forward to trendy footwear this spring



These pink Gucci sandals are simply unbeatable.

Shoes can make or break an outfit; this is an indisputable fact. As the weather warms and slush piles up beside buildings, everyone’s shoe attire needs to adjust with the changing seasons. 

Fleece-lined shoes lose their benefits as it gets warmer. UGGs particularly lose their practicality. Boot cut, slippers, and mini booties all fade from use. I will be retiring from everyday use of my slippers—for now. 

To leave function and discuss fashion, I think every season deems a sneaker of some sort necessary. 

I am really on the whole chunky shoe kick right now. I just think they add so much to any outfit. A simple choice to achieve this is a pair of Platform High Top Converse. The Run Star Hike, All-Stars, and the All-Star Lugged are three of my favorite pairs featured on the website. These work in any color and with so many different outfits. I love my versatile, white All-Star Lugged. I pretty much wear them with everything. 

Running shoes and athletic shoes also re-appear in everyday life as outside activity increases—working out or not. 

Nike is my go-to brand for tennis shoes without question. For the longest time, I had this hatred for Nike Airmax 97s; however, they have grown on me. I don’t love them in white, but I think they add dimension to any outfit; I like pink the best.

While in March, sandals might not be completely appropriate for Michigan, but shipping must be taken into account. Play it safe. My advice: order them now. 

My dream sandals are the Women Rubber Slide Sandals in pastel pink from Gucci. I am infatuated with these shoes—oh my God, where do I begin?

The color is so perfect. It’s light and innocent, and I think that it’ll go with so many things. The slight platform is just enough to be classy, and they fit a multitude of styles and ascetics. If pink is not your color of choice—however, why ever would it not be?—they also come in black, white, and red; white would be my next choice. As soon as I save the rather pricey amount for these shoes, they will be my next purchase.

Booties, while they tend to be winter shoes, weave themselves well into the spring season. The weather is unpredictable, and short ankle-high platform boots fit the role. Maxi skirts, jeans, mini dresses, you name it, and the shoes just fit the piece. 

My dream sandals are the Women Rubber Slide Sandals in pastel pink from Gucci. I am infatuated with these shoes—oh my God, where do I begin.

My choice? Steve Madden’s Hutch Black Ankle Boots. I love the suede pieces that run up the sides. I think that it contributes so much to the, aside from this, pretty basic aspects of this shoe. 

Clogs are making their reappearance, and to be completely frank, I am not sure how to feel. While I think a selection of outfits can coexist with this piece, I’m not sure if they do it for me. I am getting clog dancing, bonnet wearing, ankle-length skirts, and I don’t know if I can shake that preconceived perception. 

My best advice for shoe selection this impending spring? I would stick to neutrals and if fitting, pastels. Platform is a must, and I give an honorable mention to clear-based heels. While I have only a few occasions that these work, when they work, they work. 

Shoes play a vital role in whatever you wear. These, among others, weigh in at the top of my list, especially for spring.