Addison Reuter makes being a high school student and a multi-sport athlete seem easy


Entering the first year of high school offers an array of experiences and opportunities. For freshman Addison Reuter, two sports were her chosen endeavor.

“High school was definitely intimidating at first,” Addison said, “but it is less intense as it seems. I think it is definitely harder than school before, but it’s high school, so that is expected. High school sports definitely make the year fun for me.”

Her new teams have offered Addison a sort of outlet that is similar to that of club sports, but the experience is slightly different. 

“In my opinion,” Addison said, “high school sports aren’t as intense as club sports, but the experience of getting to do both and meeting new people is great. So I personally like club sports better, but school is a great way to continue getting better.”

Addison delved into her high school athletic career during basketball season. 

I love the teamwork it takes to play the sport and as well as keeping me in shape.

— Addison Reuter

“This year, for high school I didn’t even start on the freshman team,” Addison said. “But by the end of the season, I was going to districts with the varsity. I put a lot of effort into getting better this past year, and it’s paying off.”

Being pulled up to the varsity basketball team was a major accomplishment for Addison. It served as the perfect example to show just how all her training and effort were impactful in not only her eyes but the eyes of her coaches too. 

Addison began her basketball career at the age of seven, as opposed to starting off at soccer at an even earlier age. 

“I have played soccer since I was five years old,” Addison said, “so I grew up with it. I love it because of the skill involved in the sport. It definitely helps to be a multi-sport athlete because it helps prevent injuries while doing the sports I love to do.”

While soccer has offered her a base for her athletic ability, she has more passion for basketball, as she even has some ambition to take it to the collegiate level.

“I like basketball better,” Addison said. “I’m not quite sure why. I just have more interest in it. I would even love to go to college for basketball.”

Addison has no particular goal schools in mind, however, she hopes to play at the Division 1 or Division 2 level.

As she aspires to take her skill to the next level, she reminisces about the skills she has gained through sports themselves.

While playing two sports that regularly conflict with time commitments, Addison has acquired expertise in time management.  

“Sports have affected my life in positive and negative ways,” Addison said. “I love basketball and soccer, but right now, I’m doing school soccer and travel basketball at the same time, which was my choice, and I love doing it, but it also affects the free time I have for homework, family, and friends.”

This shortened time to spend with her family, or to take on other ventures is limiting, however, Addison is more than willing to make this sacrifice to achieve success. 

“I usually don’t have lots of free time,” Reuter said. “So when I do, I spend time with my family, friends, or do my homework. I love to spend time with my family and friends as much as I can. They play a big part in my life, and sports shorten the amount of time I have every day to see them.”

It’s easy to imagine that this little extra time is coveted, however, it’s obvious her devotion to her sports when questioned about how she fills family time. 

“I have a twelve-year-old sister named Brooklyn,” Addison said. “We are very close. We spend a lot of time together when we can, we both play the same sports, so that helps us connect. We are very alike, we both play soccer and basketball, so we are usually either practicing together or just hanging out around the house.”

However, this friendly competition is beneficial to each girl. As they climb the ladder to academic prowess, it pushes the girls even outside of practice.

Being not only an athlete but a multi-sport athlete, Addison has gained a multitude of life skills and experiences. From impacting her relationships with her family as well as her friends to giving her time management skills along with the ability to work for what she wants, they have helped her become a well-rounded student and person. 

“I love playing sports,” Addison said. “They are something I look forward to at the end of every single day. Sports are a huge part of my life, and I love not only what skills you can learn but how I can learn stuff for the real world through teams and playing.”