The Starbucks drinks sold in Europe should be sold in the US as well


The pretty drinks and donut I got at Starbucks in Italy

If you know me, you know my love for Starbucks. An iced chai tea latte with pumpkin cold foam is my guilty pleasure. Imagine how I felt when I went to Italy and Greece for a month, only to realize that it was nearly impossible to find a Starbucks.

I was passing by a Starbucks in Athens, Greece—the first one I’d seen in a week—and noticed a colorful, multi-layer drink being advertised: a Raspberry Passionfruit Frappuccino. I knew I had to get that drink.

As I walked in, I noticed the wide variety of drinks that are sold in Italy compared to those sold in Michigan. I picked the few drinks that seemed the most interesting to me—and the prettiest ones.

Cool Lime Refresher-

This drink sounded really boring, but I like limes, so I figured I’d give it a try.

Unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed. At first, it felt like I was drinking lime water, which is quite boring and not worth five dollars. After a few more sips, however, I got a hint of black licorice.

Imagine how I felt when I went to Italy and Greece for a month, only to realize that it was nearly impossible to find a Starbucks.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my lime refresher to taste like black licorice.

Despite the anti-climatic flavor that I got, the drink does look quite aesthetic. The lime slices sit perfectly in the clear drink, creating a gorgeous appeal.

After a while, the drink grew on me. It could be because the ice melted, causing the flavor to water down, or because I got used to it. Nonetheless, it got better.

If you ever venture to Italy and find one of the scarce Starbucks’, I wouldn’t recommend getting this drink. There are so many better drinks to get during your escapades.

Raspberry Passionfruit Frappuccino-

This is the drink that started my hunt to find a Starbucks. The poster reeled me in, and I knew I had to try this frappuccino.

Just looking at it, I didn’t want to drink it; it was too pretty. The drink was a layer of passionfruit, then a layer of vanilla creme frappuccino, and a layer of raspberry. It was topped with whipped cream and pink sprinkles that tasted like candy.

Eventually, curiosity got the best of me, and I had a sip. At first, all I could taste was the creme part, which was quite boring, but after a little mixing, I was able to taste the passionfruit and raspberry.

The minute I tasted the passionfruit, I felt like I was on a tropical island. It was so delicious. The raspberry tasted like a smoothie, and I could have drank just that part and still have been satisfied.

This whole drink was worth finding a Starbucks in Italy. I one-hundred percent wish I could buy it here because I would spend all my money on it. 

Pink Coconut Refresher-

I ultimately chose this drink because it was the first thing I could see on the menu, and I like coconuts. Judging by the name, I thought it would be similar to a Pink Drink, and it was.

Like a Pink Drink, this refresher is made with coconut milk, and it has strawberry inclusions, but it didn’t taste like a Pink Drink at all. I have no clue what is in this refresher besides coconut milk and strawberry inclusions, but whatever it is, it has me sold on this drink.

When I first drank it, I was bombarded with coconut; it was like a punch in the face, but if it was a coconut punching you and it was smiling, which made you happy. All I could taste was coconut, but it was so good.

After I got past the coconut, I could taste other flavors. One of them was definitely strawberry, and I think there was some raspberry, but I can’t be sure. It all blended very well together though. I felt like I should be sitting on a beach while I was drinking it.

Another thing to say about this drink is despite there being strawberry inclusions, I didn’t eat any of them. I hate when there are fruit pieces in drinks, but in this drink, no strawberries went into my mouth. I loved it. I could drink, but I didn’t have to chew.

This drink is definitely for people who like coconut, but also if you want to feel like you’re on vacation at the beach, this one is also for you.

Strawberry Donut-

The last thing that I got was a strawberry donut. Honestly, I just thought it was cool that Starbucks sold donuts. They also sold cake slices and cheesecake slices.

This donut was topped with strawberry frosting and pink sprinkles, and filled with strawberry puree. My first bite was very tart, and I did not appreciate it, but after a second, it was okay and I could keep eating.

The actual donut part was quite tasty. It was very cakey, but I think that it went well with the frosting and puree. Also, it just looked gorgeous.

I definitely think that Starbucks in Michigan should consider adding donuts to the menu, or cake and cheesecake.

If you are ever in Italy, you should definitely track down a Starbucks to try out some of the drinks and desserts. There are so many unique options that you can’t find in America.