Harry Holloway and his success filled process of being a music producer


Throughout his whole life in school, junior Harrison (Harry) Holloway has been expanding his horizon on many different fronts. Many of these opportunities allow Harry to take creative liberties with his artistic interests and become a professional verified music producer of his own. 

“The people that have listened have said many positive responses,” Harry said.“One of my close friends from kindergarten made me do it. He can get me to do basically anything.”

In the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown, Harry started to explore his newfound skill. Being in quarantine allowed him to test new things and start becoming public. This led to the making of his official Spotify account, VENXM.

About exactly two years ago, Harry created music with guitars, basses, pianos, and drums after being prompted by his friend and has grown to have a following of his own. Using a program called District Kit, many of his songs are officially posted on streaming services such as the aforementioned Spotify as well as Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music, and so on. 

With as many things as Harry has planned out, there is little to be lost on. He has a goal set in his mind and intends to reach it in his own creative ways.

— Harry

“I do three different genres,” Harry said. “I go between pop, rap, and rock, then I’ll venture off into some other categories that not many people have heard about. I could not really tell you specifics besides sub-genres that stem off from those three.”

Harry experiments with moods and creates them whenever motivation allows. He is able to pick up any instrument and get a good “not masterpiece” sound from it very quickly. Inspiration for many people with bright imaginations and unique abilities comes with its flaws. It strikes at random, so Harry has to take whatever he is feeling at the moment and combined it flawlessly into a cohesive song. 

“I differ with making music,” Harry said, “either based on lyrics or mood. Then, sometimes I will go back and work on old stuff, otherwise [my][inspiration] will come in bursts. Suddenly I’ll think of an idea and it turns into a song.”

So far, as of 2022, VENXM has three albums: Dumb, Intervention, and NUMB. Each style from his three top genres goes mostly into colder tones of music. His most popular song, according to Spotify is called “Why.” This song offers a strong sense of direction with a slower beat, all while being accompanied by precise lyrics and chilling vocals.

Alongside his fruitful journey with music, Harry has shown considerable interest in art. Traditionally as well as large projects such as murals, one of which he left behind at his old school. Art may not be the biggest focus of his life, but it never ceases to leave as the skill offers another great opportunity for later years or side projects. 

“I always have to stick with just a pencil and paper,” Harry said, “I love just doing sketches but I do like digital media as well.”

During his free time, as well as school work time, Harry spends countless hours on his hobbies making and refining them to the best of his abilities. Although art might still be the side side hustle, it is just as important as his music. 

With as many things as Harry has planned out, there is little to be lost on. He has a goal set in his mind and intends to reach it in his own creative ways. College is only a small step to his grand plan after graduation and ensures a path of excitement and unknowns. 

“My plan is to go into college for a music sound production major,” Harry said. “[Along with] music theory, after I’m done with art school, I’ll head to a community college and get a degree so I can study music as a job.”