Different nail trends infatuate the students of FHC


Amelia DiBenedetto, Mackenzie Wintrich, Ava Redmond, and Grace Mansilla

Some of the nails that girls at FHC have had in the past couple of years

As trends change and fluctuate, one that has stuck around for the past couple of years is acrylic nails.

Whether it’s for a specific occasion or just an everyday look, the constantly changing nail trends have had a firm grasp on the students of FHC. Senior Ava Redmond has loved watching the nail trends change over the years and embracing them herself.

“For two years, I used to get them done every two weeks,” Ava said. “I would go in for a fill, but now I feel like it’s just when my life needs it, for dances, a vacation, or break, or something [important] coming up. If I feel like I’m lacking something, I’ll just go get a manicure, and [I feel] better.”

If I feel like I’m lacking something, I’ll just go get a manicure, and [I feel] better.”

— Ava Redmond

The stunning look of the nails provides a sense of effortless effort in everyday routines and outfits. They automatically upgrade the style to a new level and complete the look altogether.

Having nails provides a sense of comfort and self-accomplishment even on bad days. In Ava’s experience, having her nails done complements her day-to-day life well.

“[When I have my nails done] I feel well put together,” Ava said. “I put effort into what I look like. Even if I just have sweatpants on, there is some part of me that I [still] put effort into.”

Although the look of the nails is stunning, the process can be quite tedious. With high prices and a lot of time wasted, getting nails may feel like it’s not worth it, but the look is worth it.

The length of the technique is to make sure every last detail is perfect, especially with intricate designs, but sitting in the time it takes can be tiresome.

“I hate getting my nails done. I just like how they look,” Ava said. “The act of sitting in the chair and getting my nails done is miserable because it hurts and it takes forever, and I don’t have time to sit there. But, when they’re done, I love them.”

Similar to Ava, junior Amelia DiBenedetto also despises the act of getting her nails done but loves the way they look and make her feel. 

“[I get] bored,” Amelia said. “It takes too long. I feel like there are so many unnecessary steps to getting your nails done. I think [they] should just paint it and get it done, but at the same time it keeps me busy.”

Although Amelia hates the process, she loves the results. Having nice nails can be an immediate mood booster and elevate any outfit. With the many different trends, there are different basic and outgoing nails that suit any and every personality.

Because of the different shapes, sizes, and patterns, anyone can customize their nails to their liking and comfort. Out of all the trends, there is one in particular that Amelia gravitates towards.

“Recently, [I’ve loved] French [tips],” Amelia said, “I get a lot of French [tips], and I like white French [tips] the most. [Last time], I did a different color, but [they’re] my go to.”

Even though Amelia has her classic go-to nail option, she also likes to explore different kinds of nails, too. Although her favorite shape is the coffin, she likes to try different designs and styles depending on the occasion.

“I got these bright orange nails, and one [of the nails] was a nude [color],” Amelia said, “and it had white, orange, and nude swirls on it. I liked that a lot. For homecoming, I asked for the black version of those nails, but [I ended up] doing cloud nails. For Valentine’s Day [this year], I’m asking for a little heart on my nail.”

While the nails look pretty, constantly getting them done can add up to a very expensive cost, especially for cool designs.

Due to the costliness and tedious process of getting her nails done, senior Grace Mansilla has started to learn how to do her own nails.

“I like doing nails and getting my nails done because I like to have pretty fingers,” Grace said, “and I am spending a little bit too much on [my nails], so I decided to do it on my own and learn.”

With the expensive price, getting them done limited Grace to only having nails for special occasions, but with her newfound talent, she has been able to have them done much more frequently.

“I feel like a brand-new person [after I do my nails],” Grace said. “When I would get them done, it would only be for an event like a dance, but now since I’m doing my own, [I do them] every two to three weeks.”

With nail trends constantly evolving and changing, it’s always fascinating to see the different styles and popular nails knowing that it is a confidence booster for a lot of people and helps them feel more put-together.

“[I loved] my spring break nails,” Ava said. “They were white French tips in an almond shape with zebra stripes on them, and they were so cute. I like how the trends change. I love the almond nails, and I love the French tips because that’s what changed everything.”