Niall Horan’s new song, Heaven, is angelic

The cover for Niall Horans newest single: Heaven

The cover for Niall Horan’s newest single: Heaven

It doesn’t get better than this, and by “this,” I mean a new Niall Horan song.

Ever since the release of his second studio album, Heartbreak Weather, almost three years ago, Horan has been MIA when it comes to new music.

Fans have been begging for new music; ever since they have been able to fully digest the masterpiece that is Heartbreak Weather, they have craved more.

Through his smooth voice and heart-wrenching lyrics, Horan captured my heart. For the past three years, Heartbreak Weather has been my own personal anthem and follows me through all aspects of life. So, when he started teasing new music, my heart soared with excitement.

Horan started to become very active on TikTok, responding to commenters and fans who were begging for new music. His responses would contain clips of him playing the guitar, humming, or just poking fun at fans in general until they started gradually including parts of a new single: “Heaven.”

Naturally, fans—including myself—were ecstatic to hear that new music would be soon to come. Just a couple of short weeks later, Horan dropped “Heaven,” and fans went wild.

With promo from fellow artists such as Blake Shelton and Michael Bublé on TikTok, fans were loving all of the new content from Horan, and the song changed everything.

As Horan’s voice graced the melody, I immediately fell in love with the song.

With eerie, yet angelic harmonizing to kick off the song, I was pleasantly surprised. Based on the teaser clips Horan had released, this beginning sound was not what I expected. As Horan’s voice graced the melody, I immediately fell in love with the song.

The verses were pleasantly catchy and groovy and perfectly flowed into the hook and chorus. The gentle percussion throughout the song also added to the heavenly effect of the song as a whole.

In accompaniment to the drums, underneath the chorus are beautiful harmonies of Horan’s voice to stitch the song together. The song truly lives up to its name through the sound and overall tone.

As the chorus is repeated multiple times throughout the song, I seemed to enjoy it more each time I heard it. Toward the end of the track, there is a slowed version of the hook captured through a pause in the percussion and the focal point being Horan’s voice. As it leads into the chorus, Horan’s vocals soar through the song in celestial beauty.

The overall contents of the song create a feel-good vibe, and the song has been added to all of my playlists. For the next few months, those who drive near me will hear Horan’s voice blaring from inside my car while I happily sing along.

I look forward to more singles from Horan, along with his new album The Show which was announced shortly after the release of “Heaven.”

“Heaven” has created suspense and anticipation for any Horan fan in terms of his new album, but it will also tide me over until the album’s release in June. Until then, “Heaven” will one hundred percent be playing on repeat for the next four months.