What does it mean to be politically active?


The New York Times

The candidates for the 2024 Presidential Election—the people I could be voting for.

Are you politically active? What does that even mean?

In my book, being politically active means being an interested and involved citizen. It means educating yourself about what is going on in the world. It means understanding both sides as to what you vote for. It means forming your own opinion from your knowledge rather than jumping on the bandwagon. 

I try to be politically active. While I cannot yet vote, I try to know what and who is going on the ballot. I push myself to read about the side for which I am biased and investigate the other as well. Just because you typically lean one way does not mean you can’t vote the other. 

Be active, not passive.

As a writer, I push myself to write about these topics. It helps me get a better understanding. It gives me a platform to solidify my opinion. It gives me an opportunity to educate others. 

I firmly believe that all eligible voters should be active in voting and learning. We cannot forge the change that we want by merely following others. A yard sign telling you what to vote on your way home could possibly be the exact opposite of what you personally want. 

Read news articles. Read biased ones for both sides and unbiased ones that tell the facts. Set aside time to delve into it. Be active, not passive.

I believe teenagers should also be keeping up to date with politics. We are the next generation of voters. The first presidential election I vote in will be right after my eighteenth birthday. As campaigns are already starting, there is no excuse to not follow along—at least lightly. I have two years to learn. I know I will have hours upon hours of free time before November 2024, so why not use that time for something good?

I cannot merely follow in my parent’s footsteps. I cannot just listen to one source of news. I cannot feel confident in my future role as a voter if I stay silent. So I am becoming politically active, and you should too.