Sports blog: Felicity Buchmaier and her parental support


“Self-motivated,” Diane Buchmaier said. “We have never had to get her up in the morning to go swimming.”

This is how Felicity Buchmaier’s mom would describe her. Felicity has been a swimmer at FHC for four years now after she moving here in July of 2013 from Australia. After she moved here, she was chosen to swim in the Olympic Trials for Australia in April of 2016 for 100 backstroke and 50 backstroke. Felicity doesn’t get all of this done on her own, however, her supportive and motivating parents are always more than willing to help her.

“I am super thankful for my parents and their support is amazing. They are behind me every step and it’s great. They truly mean the world to me,” Felicity said. “The best thing my parents tell me is to do my best and that they are proud no matter what. They know I have a busy schedule and practices are hard, it just makes them happy when I am just trying my hardest.”

Diane Buchmaier had a lot to say about how much they love and support Felicity. They have kept in mind and understand that being a student-athlete is difficult. During high school swim season, they have days where practice comes before and after school. Others days just after. For swimmers to manage homework and studying can really be complicated, but Felicity works hard in the classroom to achieve all of her academic goals and that is what both of her parents appreciate.

“Felicity has a very organized schedule and balances swimming and school well,” Diane said. “There are a few late nights finishing off assignments but they are always done on time. It’s nice seeing her relax when the pressure is off. She loves hammocking in the sunshine.”

Felicity’s organizational skills help ensure her parents she will continue to succeed in school. Her parents know that she will keep up with assignments and get them in on time.

“My parents sort of let me do my own thing for school. They know that I’ll come to them if something is getting hard or stressful,” Felicity said. “So we do not really worry about having to get work done or checking up on grades and homework.”

Felicity’s parents love watching her swim, they have been doing it for most of her life now. It is second nature for them to be at a swim meet. Throughout all of these years, Felicity and her parents have been to several meets together.

“Felicity is part of a wonderful swim team, everyone is so supportive and encouraging of each other,” Diane said. “We love watching her swim, especially her Butterfly, she makes it look So easy and graceful. We are so proud of her and all that she has achieved. We always make sure she has plenty of snacks and lots of Gatorade!”

Parents have more of an impact on student-athletes than we think. They are the motivators and the main support system. Felicity says her parents represent the perfect example. They push Felicity to be the best she possibly can without pushing her to the limit. Felicity has just reached her goal of division one swimming, committing to North Carolina State University on Monday.

“I chose NC State because I really really liked their coaching staff and team. Also, the state of North Carolina is beautiful,” Felicity said. ” I’m most looking forward to moving out of state and being independent but also creating new relationships and reaching that next level in swimming. Their campus and facilities are also amazing.”

Felicity got to this point in her career with her parents’ support and herself. Her motivation and drive because she knows what she wants to do. Felicity’s parents are proud of how far she has come.

“We are absolutely thrilled for Felicity. It is an incredible opportunity for her – one that only the United States could offer. We are so happy that she is going somewhere that will help her reach her potential and where she will be the happiest,” Diane said. “We are looking forward to hearing her stories and can’t wait to see what is ahead in her swimming career.It is exciting for all of us.

Parents of student-athletes have positive impressions on their children. Many parents understand the pressure of being so busy with a sport and balancing school work. The encouragement and comfort of Felicity’s parents have really shown that student-athletes and supportive parenting go hand and hand.

“Our goal for Felicity is to always do her best but mostly to be happy with who she is. The results are not important. It’s the effort and commitment that counts,” Diane said. “We want her to be confident knowing that she can achieve anything she puts her mind to. Even when it gets tough – keep looking up and don’t look back.”