Topics of FHC sports: Three sport athletes vs. one sport athletes


Ali Czarnecki, Sports Reporter

In this weeks blog, I interviewed a one sport athlete and a multiple sport athlete and how both of them have advantages and disadvantages. This week I interviewed one sport athlete, senior, and shooting guard, Matis Butlevics. I asked him questions about basketball and how being a one sport athlete can benefit that.

As a one sport athlete do you think it takes away your athletic ability to play different sports?

I think it does in some sense, I honestly could play other sports. Being a one sport athlete can definitely take away from me showing out in football or baseball but I need to focus on basketball even though it does feel a little empty.

Do you think if you played another sport besides basketball that it would take away from your basketball skills and your time you would put into it?

Yes, it would because I think basketball is such a year-round sport and playing something like football would take away from fall league basketball and I couldn’t do that if I played a fall sport. It would take away from my time and my skills I put into basketball and it takes away those things from people who participate in fall sports.

Overall do you think that you have an advantage or disadvantage of playing one sport?

I think for my particular sport it is an advantage for just playing one sport because you can focus on it year-round and if you’re not practicing basketball, someone else is. Your opponents are getting better every day and if you’re not focusing on it then you’re going to end up failing.

Do you want to go to college for basketball?

I honestly do not have any interest in playing basketball in college.

What sports did you use to play before you just stuck to basketball?

I used to play baseball and I also used to run track on top of basketball.

Is there a reason why you just decided to stick to basketball?

I stuck with basketball just because baseball was more of a hobby for me. I played it for fun and never really liked when it was super competitive. Basketball just started taking up so much of my time, even during baseball season, I would have basketball games to go to during the season so I had to only focus on basketball.