Sia’s debut Christmas album, Everyday Is Christmas, deviates from the holiday norm

Sias debut Christmas album, Everyday Is Christmas, deviates from the holiday norm

Amidst the holiday season, the tried tunes of the season ring in our ears nonstop. Frankly, no matter how jolly or joyful they may be, hearing the same songs for ten (or more) years straight gets a little overdone. However, pop artist Sia is introducing some new blood to the holiday song game with her first Christmas album Everyday Is Christmas.

Acclaimed for her raspy and sometimes unintelligible voice, Sia provides a fresh type of Christmas music on Everyday is Christmas. Merely ten tracks in length, the variation from track to track is noticeable. The album kicks off with the cheerful and upbeat “Santa’s Coming For Us,” transitioning into another joyful song, “Candy Cane Lane.” The next two tracks, “Snowman” and “Snowflake,” are more mellow– but nonetheless enjoyable. “Ho Ho Ho,” “Puppies Are Forever,” and “Sunshine” are nice interludes to the album, re-introducing the joyous tunes. Concluding the album are once again mellow tracks, including “Everyday Is Christmas.” With the perfect blend of calm tones and pop-style backbeats, Everyday Is Christmas is a wonderful modern Christmas album.

“Santa’s Coming For Us,” as previously mentioned, is quite upbeat. While you’d expect to be able to predict the outline of a Christmas song with this title, Sia prevents that occurrence. Taking Christmas and mashing it into a pop sensation by adding a snazzy backbeat and individual lyrics to this seemingly overdone topic, Sia is able to begin to warm the listener up to a truly new type of holiday music.

Expanding on the beats throughout the album, a common thread between holiday songs is the bell-filled background and a standard “holiday” beat. Sia may have this thread in her album; however, she often spices them up with her own voice and other technical tools. This is where she severs all ties with traditional holiday music, strongly deviating from the “norm” thereafter.

As the album progresses, Sia’s music becomes increasingly different. “Snowman” and “Puppies Are Forever” perfectly exemplify this contrast. Both songs seem to have underlying messages of the ups and downs of love and relationships conveyed through the symbols most associated with Christmas.

For the most part, Everyday Is Christmas has an overwhelmingly mature tone. However, the sore thumb amongst the tracks is “Puppies Are Forever,” where during the chorus it almost sounds as if a child is pleading with their parents.

Although it deviates from the standard Christmas album, Everyday Is Christmas perfectly encompasses Sia’s performing personality and successfully introduces a new style of holiday music. If other artists follow Sia’s lead, we may not be stuck with the same tunes for the next decade.