Spotify playlist “Confidence Boost” gives a refreshing face to pop music

Spotify playlist Confidence Boost gives a refreshing face to pop music

Who doesn’t need a refreshing burst of confidence every now and again? I know that it never hurts me to have an elevated mood and self-image. One way that I have always been able to reflect my moods and the current state of myself is through the music I listen to.

My favorite playlist contains mostly acoustic music for when I am in a slower mood or just wanting to feel calm and relaxed. I love listening to collections of various artists and songs, but I don’t find it fun to spend the time on creating my own playlists. So, I usually rely on Spotify to have one made for me.

Recently, I found a Spotify playlist called “Confidence Boost.” This playlist contains hit pop music that most teenagers have listened to within at least the last year or so; some of the songs on the playlist are remixes of popular songs to include favorites but keep the positive, uplifting style of the group. I am not typically one to opt for listening to pop music over anything else. I am picky about music, among other things, but I do still have radio favorites that I enjoy. A lot of the pop music that I enjoy listening to are included on this playlist. I believe this is because I like music that is going to brighten my mood rather than cause it to suffer, and that is the entire point of this playlist.

I initially began to listen to this playlist because my self-confidence falters sometimes. Music seems to put me in a bright place, so I figured, why not try this. This grouping of music is all upbeat and truly puts you in a state of confidence and self-love. Featuring recent hits such as, “Bodak Yellow,” “Side to Side,” “Havana- Remix,” and many other popular radio songs, this playlist displays familiar music that we all know and love, but put together in one power mix. I did find it interesting to be exposed to tunes that I had not heard on the radio before such as, “IDGAF” by Dua Lipa and “Homemade Dynamite- Remix” by Lorde. Maybe it’s just because I basically live under a rock and don’t pay much attention to new music, but it was new to me.

As always, with any grouping of music not created by myself, there are songs that would not typically be my first choice to listen to. Some of the songs included I have found overused and tired after having been played hundreds of times on the radio. Artists are coming out with new music all the time that people are loving, yet the same infectious melodies continue to play through the speakers of my car radio, my headphones, and in my head. My suggestion would be to add newer music more often and avoid the tracks that cause people to click the next button.

I’ve found this playlist perfect to listen to in many situations: organizing, hanging out with friends, and getting ready for the day. I’ve always loved many of these songs individually, but putting them altogether inspires a new mood. I would recommend this playlist to anyone looking for music to be the soundtrack of their life.