Track and field team sees individual successes at Catholic Central

Track and field team sees individual successes at Catholic Central

On Saturday morning, the girls and boys varsity track meet was held at Catholic Central.

Senior Jared Ireland recently joined the boys track team for the first time ever. Although he just joined, it shows nowhere in his races. Jared runs in the 100- and 400-meter dashes and 4×400 meter relay. Jared ran the 400-meter dash in just 54 seconds, an impressive time just 3 seconds off of an MHSAA record.

“It felt great for being my first year,” Jared said. “For the last 100 meters, it’s all endurance; I had to keep the form great and push through the wall most people hit.”

Senior caption Tristan Kerr spoke highly of the team. He believes the boys and girls relay teams are looking solid and ready to go. They have a lot of freshman and sophomore help, but the team does have some injuries it must battle through.

Despite all the time off the track team has had due to weather cancellations, the Rangers were able to excel and break many PR’s at Catholic Central. The team stepped up and was able to show all the hard work put into practices.

The Rangers are looking to keep injuries to a minimum. Monday’s practice will be an easy one for the team to prepare for Tuesday’s meet. The team will continue to work for the rest of the week and and will host a multiple team meet on Tuesday.