The Christmas Lite Show was a spectacular drive to witness

The Christmas Lite Show was a spectacular drive to witness

If you are as obsessed with holiday decorations and lights as I am, go to the Christmas Lite Show to see and drive through almost two miles of Christmas lights. There are over a million lights, lights that vary between tunnels, animal and character animation, and other classic holiday shapes.

It was started twenty-one years ago by Bill Schrader, and with the help of his family, it has grown every year to become a tradition for many. Because Schrader served in the military for twenty-eight years, he contributes a portion of the proceeds to the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

The event is located at Fifth Third Ballpark, and when I went, it took around thirty minutes to get through the whole thing, not including waiting in line before you pay or even start the drive. The wait in line, even when it is long, is an entertaining one, as you are surrounded by enchanting, twinkling lights.

Another aspect to note about the drive is that prices vary depending on the vehicle you come in. Personally, I drove in a regular car with only one other person, making the cost total at $22. Although the price has gone up since last year, it isn’t too bad if you go with multiple people and split the cost.

Once you enter the staging area, you are advised to dim your lights and to drive slowly, which is probably why it takes thirty minutes to go two miles down the road. 

In addition to the featured drive through the lights, there is a train called “Memory Lane Train,” which goes at four different times throughout the night. The price is $22 per bench seat, which sits two adults comfortably, and small children may sit on laps for free. There are ten bench seats per time and day. 

The lights vary so much in color and shape throughout the two miles that you never get bored looking at it. Some of my favorites parts of the light show were the Santas playing different sports, the dinosaur, the skiers on the hill, and the final tunnel. Each was spectacularly unique and captured my attention. And because there are lots of different lights throughout, there is something for everyone to like.

The unfortunate part of the drive is that you sadly must stay in the vehicle at all times, meaning you can’t get out and take any pictures with the lights unless you go on the train which stops for photo opportunities. All in all, at the end of my trip, I was in awe at how many lights there were, and it really put me in the holiday spirit.

I will definitely be going back to see the Christmas Lite Show next year. It is a great thing to do with your friends, with your family, or on a date.