I have no idea why former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz thinks he should run for President

I have no idea why former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz thinks he should run for President

Two years ago, Americans decided our country needed a change, a new direction. A direction which led us to Donald Trump. The first president in U.S. history to have absolutely zero experience in military service or public office. For some, the election of a president who had “never been corrupted by politics,” was just the thing we needed to truly make America a country for the people. For others, the thought of putting someone in charge of our government who had absolutely no political or military experience was a truly terrifying one.

No matter your beliefs, the fact of the matter is that Donald Trump has spent the first two years struggling to get a grip on politics, both foreign and at home, and he continually makes decisions that cause his approval ratings to be among the lowest in our nation’s history.

And yet, for some reason that I can’t quite comprehend, Howard Schultz is debating running for president as an Independent using the same “businessman technique” that Trump used.

For those of you who aren’t Starbucks snobs, Howard Schultz is the ex-CEO of Starbucks.

Yes, you heard me right, the ex-CEO of Starbucks wants to be your next president. And honestly, the fact that another man with no military or political experience is running for president isn’t even the scariest part, especially if you’re rooting for the Democrats.

Even with Trump’s low approval ratings, his base and the Republican party have yet to desert him, so 2020 is shaping up to be a close race. First of all, if Schultz decides to run as an Independent, he has absolutely no chance of winning. Not only does he have no chance of winning, but he deeply threatens the ability of the Democrats to win the 2020 election. Even if Schultz only gets one or two percent of the vote, he could prevent anyone from beating out Trump. In every election, the Republican and Democratic parties fight for the votes of those who lie somewhere in the middle between the parties; the side that is able to get more of those votes has the highest chance of winning. Those votes will be essential to the Democratic party in the fight against Trump in 2020. So, if Schultz steals those votes, for completely and utterly no reason, he prevents the party he has been a lifelong member of from beating out the man Schultz himself dislikes.

So what exactly is his goal here? That’s not a rhetorical question. I genuinely have no idea and would like someone to please tell me. Honestly, it seems to be a result of some sort of deep narcissistic issue. A belief that he is the savior our nation needs and that only he can save us. A Business Insider article quotes an anonymous source who worked closely with Schultz when he worked for Starbucks saying that Schultz “convinced himself that he is our savior,” and he “thinks he knows best for all of us.”

Who knows? Maybe Schultz has the ability and ideas that are needed to take America to new heights. But essentially, destroying the Democratic Party’s chance at the presidency, while having no potential of winning the race himself, is definitely not the way to bring his ideas of salvation to fruition.