Track and Field has successful outing at FHN


Track and field had an away meet at Forest Hills Northern against FHN and Ottawa Hills on Tuesday, April 16. Three Ranger runners placed in the top five for the 200-meter; junior Patrick Ho placed first, followed by senior Kai Hagadorn in third, and sophomore David Whittaker in fifth.

The Rangers almost took a sweep in the top five for the 400-meter. Senior Geoffrey Batterbee placed first, Patrick in second, Kai in third, and freshman Sam Yeager in fifth. For the 800-meter, Geoffrey took first, senior Jacob Ball took second, junior CJ Hier placed fourth, and sophomore Jonah Cumings placed fifth.

Sophomore Kyle James-Heer placed first in the 1600-meter, followed by junior Gabe Carlson in second. Three Rangers placed in the top five for the 3200-meter starting with Gabe in first, Kyle in second, and junior Alex Souza in third. In the 110-meter hurdles, sophomore Dallas Hopson placed third and junior Dylan Wilson placed fifth.

Three out of the four Ranger relay teams placed first, with some stand out performances from Patrick and Geoffrey. Senior Ryan Talbot placed third for shot put and also took second in long jump.  Junior Brendan Guitar placed second for discus. Finally, for the pole vault, the underclassmen placed in the top five with freshman Matthew Burns in third and sophomore Sam Musgraves in fourth.

On the girls side of things, senior Claire Baguley placed first in the 200-meter as well as in the 400-meter. Four Rangers placed in the top five for the 800-meter; senior Courtney McAlindon in second, junior Nicole Marco in third, freshman Rachel Marco in fourth, and junior Chloe Zeien in fifth. Nicole also placed third in the 1600-meter. Also placing well was senior Susannah Bennett, who placed fourth in the 3200-meter. In the 100-meter hurdles, junior Megan Raisch placed third and junior Olivia Jeong in fourth. The 300-meter hurdles ended with Olivia in third and Megan in fourth. Three out of the four relays placed first; notable runners for these were Claire and Courtney.

Senior Diane Sietsma placed fourth in the shot put and fifth in discus, followed by freshman Grace Hudkins who placed fourth in discus. Three Rangers placed in the top five for the high jump. Junior Merjem Redzic placed third, Diane in fourth, and junior Ashlyn Korpak in fifth. Four Rangers placed in the top five for Pole Vault, with senior Kelsey Becker in first, sophomore Abby McAlindon in second, junior Sami Walquist in third, and Ashlyn in fourth. For the long jump, senior Madisyn Bunke led FHC finishing in first place.

The next meet will take place on Saturday, April 20, at Houseman field for the GRPS Elite Challenge.