Player Profile: Madeline Knoor


Name: Madeline Knoor

Grade: 10

Sport: Girls JV Tennis

Fun Facts about Madeline:

  • She plays basketball
  • She plays golf

How long have you been playing tennis?

“I used to take private lessons when I was younger, but I really started playing when I was in middle school. This is my second year on the school team.”

Why do you play tennis?

“I mainly play just for the social aspect. I get to meet new people, and it gives me a designated time to hang out with my friends after school.”

What is your favorite part of tennis?

“I think it’s fun to be competitive, and overall it’s just a fun sport to play.”

How is the team chemistry this year?

“We have some new freshmen that we don’t really know, but we’re starting to get to know them; I think it’ll really bring the team together and make it more fun.”