Girls JV tennis defeats rival FHN 11-9

The girls went head-to-head against FHN with the Huskies bringing 40 girls and to FHC’s 16, and the Rangers were able to defeat the Huskies 11-9. Having 16 girls, the Rangers had to play multiple times against FHN but were still able to come out on top with the help of juniors Elena Kelbley and Lindsey Elliot,  freshman Leila Gonzalez, and sophomore Anastasia Blount.

Flights 1-4 played two, eight-game pro sets against different doubles teams from FHN. Sophomores Madeline Knoor and Signa Bylsma went 1-1, winning their first match 8-4 and losing their second 8-5. Junior Mya Parshall and sophomore Koyuki Buckhold also went 1-1, losing their first match 8-2 but coming back and winning their second 8-2. Also going 1-1 were sophomores Lily Campbell and Delaney Michalski, who won their first match 8-5 and lost their second 8-4.

Flights 5-8 played three, six-game sets against three different doubles teams from FHN. Lindsey and Leila went 3-0, winning their first match 6-3, their second 6-0, and their third 6-0. Anastasia and Elena also went 3-0, winning their first 6-3, their second 6-1, and their third 6-0. Finally, freshmen Coco Corey and Isabella Wiseley went 2-1, winning their first match 6-3, their second 6-0, but losing their last in a close 6-5 match.

The girls head on next to rival Husky territory to hopefully come through with another win on Thursday, April 25 at 4:45 p.m.