At the heart of #Roxy was a cliche theme that I simply could not overlook

At the heart of #Roxy was a cliche theme that I simply could not overlook

Viewing the intro of #Roxy, I instantly noticed that it looked very professionally done. I developed a glimmer of hope that I would not have to witness another painful-to-watch Netflix movie.

That glimmer of hope was extremely short-lived.

The beginning scenes of #Roxy introduce Bergerac High’s gorgeous new student: Christian Newville. Christian is seen being invited to sit down by Lee before that day’s pep rally. Wasting no time, Lee initiates conversation with Christian by telling him about Cyrus Nollen. Cyrus is a computer genius and is known for his memorable pranks; however, Cyrus is also known to plot and execute serious, embarrassing revenge on classmates who even mention the size of his nose.

Next, due to Christian’s inquiry, Lee divulges about Roxy Rostand: a beautiful girl who has impossible expectations for a typical guy to reach. Of course, Lee is utterly blown away by her beauty, and his mission to date her commences. At the pep rally, Cyrus gets revenge on a football player who treated Roxy poorly while being tutored by her, and viewers can infer that Cyrus desires to date Roxy as well.

After the pep rally, Roxy calls Cyrus to thank him and asks that they meet at a coffee shop the next morning. Cyrus arrives at the coffee shop earlier than Roxy; he then retrieves a table and composes a love note for Roxy while waiting for her. Her arrival startles him, and Cyrus quickly hides the letter. During their coffee date, Roxy asks Cyrus to assist her in getting Christian to talk to her, and Cyrus devastatingly realizes that he is not the guy that Roxy desires.

#Roxy had significant potential until Cyrus’s face was shown. The prosthetic nose that occupies the majority of Cyrus’s face is completely overdone and unnecessary; the plot and its events would have successfully portrayed an impactful theme and message without Cyrus having an over-sized nose. However, the central theme of the movie—that there is hugely more to a person than their outside appearance—was translated to viewers insensitively. I found the inability of the movie to encourage me to experience Cyrus’s despair involving his nose to be disappointing because the importance of appreciating people for their personality along with their outside appearance is a pertinent lesson I will never become irritated with being portrayed and taught repeatedly.

The exaggerated appearance of Cyrus’s nose, accompanied by average acting, contributes to the overall failure of #Roxy. Fortunately, comical characters such as Bronwyn were successful at temporarily distracting viewers from the lack of substance within the movie and providing clever, enjoyable humor. But, the comical characters’ wit was definitely not enough to save the mediocre product that #Roxy is.

Take my advice: do not poke your nose into this atrocious movie.