Player Profile: Olivia Jeong


Name: Olivia Jeong

Grade: 11

Sport: Track and field

Event: 100-meter, 100-meter hurdles, 4×100-meter relay, & 300-meter hurdles

How long have you been a part of track and field?

“I have been doing track since early in elementary school; I think second grade is when I officially started.”

What are you looking forward to this season?

“Hopefully setting some personal records and pushing myself to be better than I was last year. Also bonding with the team more and getting to know all the people on this huge team.”

Who has been your favorite coach and why?

“It’s hard to choose because they’re all so great, but probably Coach Steverson, who is also my specific coach for the events I run. Although he’s really tough, he’s just being hard on his athletes because he knows what’s best for them, and he is experienced and knows what he’s talking about.”

Do you have any fun track memories?

“This doesn’t necessarily sound fun, but a really memorable moment was my first really bad fall in hurdles last year during a meet. It was really funny to me, and probably everyone else at the meet and a lot of people talk to me about it still. At least I got a good fail video and picture out of it. Also, the Spartan Invitational meet is always my favorite and really fun.”

Five fun facts about Olivia:

-She’s 5 feet tall but for some reason still does hurdles

-Her favorite color is blue

-She was born in Houston, Texas and lived there for 8 years

– She does gymnastics

– She likes spending time with friends