Player Profile: Cam David


Name: Cam David

Grade: 10

Sport: Varsity golf

What is the best aspect of the team?

“The best part of our team is the fact that we are very close. When we travel, we always hang out in the same hotel room, which gives us a big advantage on the golf course.”

3 fun facts about Cam:

  • He likes the University of Michigan
  • He broke his coccyx
  • He tore his ACL in eighth grade

What is the highlight of the season so far?

“Every time we travel, we all get the same hotel. I love just being in a room with all of us together, and it’s just a lot of fun.”

Would you suggest playing this sport?

“I would for sure suggest it to anyone looking towards joining the golf team. It’s a good group of guys and really helps your golf skills. In the future, it may help if you are looking to play golf when you’re older as well.”

What is a good tip for future golfers?

“The best tip I can give new golfers is just to stay calm. Most of the sport is very serious all of the time, and you need to stay calm every time you are about to hit the ball.”