Times of New Beginnings – A Couplet


It’s the time of New beginnings, fresh starts. 

Excitement buzzes in the air, the school year seems to be the only thing people talk about. 

But it’s tearing me apart. 

Not to know how everything turns out. 


Slowly my mind slips in wonder.

What will happen to this reality I’ve known for so long?

One day washed away forever, it makes me shudder.

It’s hard to stay headstrong.


These thoughts pester me throughout the day.

They make me ache.

Yet, it’s myself that lets these thoughts get their way.

I let them have their outbreak.


These thoughts like cloudy days will pass. 

And so will time,

changing the masses.

Everything will turnout sublime.


These thoughts are made to be concerned, but won’t be truth.

These thoughts won’t matter as long as you are passionate enough.

It is your youth. 

Don’t make it too tough.