Change is nothing to fear – rhyme scheme

Change is a strange thing to wrap your head around.

At times I feel accustomed to it,

Being comfortable with my surroundings.

Such as cutting my hair,

Or painting my walls,

Or moving the furniture in my room,

Or dusting my shelves just because,

Changes I want for myself.

There is change I expect,

Change I want,

There is change I accept,

Change I choose.

But there is some change I can’t control.

Like who comes and goes,

Like who I uphold,

Like people I know change when I’m gone.

People change without me knowing.

When I’m not around things change without me.

I either find them growing,

Or find them wilting.

I find it in their habits,

In their voice,

In their absence.

Yet maybe it was for the better,

To have me and that person part ways.

It wasn’t supposed to last,

It was supposed to change.

Change is enviable.

Whether I welcomed it or not.

Whether I created it, eliminated it, or preserved it,

It was what I sought out.

Change is nothing to fear.