a celebration of fear — A Free Verse

One emotion that seems to be present everyday is fear.

Fear of being late, 

Fear of not completing that assignment. 


There’s fear of things that make our skin crawl, such as phobias.

That creepy bug on your wall,

Leaning over a railing from a tall, tall building, 

Or catching that cold that’s going around.


But one night every year you go out into the world spreading fear and freights around you. 



From phobias to daily anxiety why would you invoke fear now?

Why would you get a thrill out of scaring yourselves?

Why would you  want to be comfortable with fear?


During any other time of the year you would normally be afraid of such ghouls and folklore, but why now?


When will you be comfortable with your own fears?

Being alone,

Being forgotten,

Disappointing people,

Not being accepted,

Being a failure,

When will you acknowledge them?

When will celebrate them?