What’s in a name? – A Free Verse


Who am I?

I still have a hard time knowing who I am. For the most part, I believe I’ve figured it out but I’m still learning.
To know yourself, to know your weaknesses and strengths is to conquer the world.
So to conquer ones world, we cling on to whatever is defined as identity.
Our name being one of them.
It defines where you came from, who the people are in your bloodline, to know your heritage and to celebrate that.
Yet it can be a curse.
To compare those before you to yourself. Their achievements. Their faults.
This seems to weigh on you now.
To be dissolved into one and either praised to be them or looked down upon.
To keep yourself in these boundaries can be suffocating. The weight can be unbearable.
But where will comparisons get you?
To know who you are can be a strength, but to compare yourself with those connected by your name can be a weakness.
It has taken those connected with you years to be a master of who they are.
Use your name wisely, use your name in high regards and respect.
Your legacy is just beginning.