Just a thought



While many are used for good,  others are pointed like an arrow, 

Sharp enough to tear apart a person’s soul.



Why must ignorance surface in many, causing a surplus of hurt.


Here is a thought to ponder on.

It is quite simple, actually.

Why don’t we put value and worth to our words in a positive light?


But hey, that’s just a thought.


What about,

Instead of shooting arrogant acidic words,

Use words that will make someone gleam from ear to ear.

Use words that will make someone’s day.


But hey, that’s just a thought.


You don’t know what someone is going through.

You don’t know if their spirit was chopped down just moments before.

You don’t know what someone is going through.

Instead of a piercing and dark stare,

Simply show a smile.


But hey, that’s just a thought.


Rather than calling categorizing as something spewing with hate,

Why don’t you lift them from the hole they feel they have sunk to,

With nothing to help them.


Every day, you hear in the news of someone being bullied. Much of the time, it is because of the lack of understanding that goes along with words and the real impact that they have on a person. Many believe that their words are simply letters glued together to form a useless entity that holds no meaning.


Those people are so wrong in so many ways.


Words mean so much more than what they appear to mean.


Words can be what leaves a person in desperation, but, if used suitably, words can bring the light within them.


Words matter.


They are not something to be taken advantage of.


Words matter.


They cannot be pulled out of the air. They will remain in the atmosphere, looming around the heads of those they were aimed for.


Words matter.


Instead of using our words for abuse, why don’t we try to use them for good because you never know who you are affecting?


But hey, that’s just a thought.